Three Things I Learned from the Fashion Industry

Being a fashion designer has given me a lot of insight on the fashion industry and has taught me valuable life lessons along the way. This blog is dedicated to sharing with you the top three things I've learned in life as a result of being a fashion designer.

1. It's never as glamorous as it looks

No matter how beautiful an outfit looks on a red carpet or in the pages of your favorite magazine - the process of getting it to be glamorous is not glam at all. As a designer, my days are filled with conceptualizing, pattern making, draping, sewing samples (or coordinating with my manufacturer), fittings, and more. And then of course there is the preparation of the model / celebrity. Hair, makeup, accessories, the perfect undergarment..... Regardless of the saying, NO ONE wakes up looking like that!

2. Confidence is key

At the end of the day, confidence really is the only thing that completes an outfit. When you feel phenomenal in an outfit and carry it with confidence, it's will look amazing no matter what. Trite as it may be, it's also true.

3. Being in fashion has more to do with attitude than with looks

What really makes fashion designers, editors, models and bloggers stand the test of time is not their physical beauty but their attitudes and how they carry themselves in the world. They build a brand, stick to it, and slowly grow it to what it ends up being. Most people think that fashion is focused only on the external definition of beauty, but we at Bri Seeley say - it's way more important to have a great attitude because people will remember that about you more than what you wore.