Go Where There is No Path + Leave A Trail

This weekend I welcomed eight women who are friends + colleagues into my home to mastermind about life and business. As I was listening to each of them speak, I realized the one thing we all had in common {and what drew me to connecting with each of them in the first place} is.... they have all done the inner inquisition to discover + create their path.

None of them are following the well-worn path. None of them are led by someone else's formula for success and happiness. None of them have tried to replicate anything that already exists in the world.

What makes these women so extraordinary is.... 1. They've done the internal work to be clear on who they are, what their gift is and how they can make the biggest impact in the world. 2. They live outside their comfort zones and really stretch their capacity for life. and 3. They are proactively creating the life they want regardless of circumstances and limitations. And more than anything 4. They are unabashedly doing them - creating their desires, believing in the possibility of their dreams and fucking making it happen.

Why do I share this with you? Because, unfortunately, these women tend to be the exception to the rule. They're the outliers. They're unicorns.

And they shouldn't be. This should be the norm because this kind of mindset, lifestyle and opportunity is available to everyone.... It's available to you.

It kills my heart to see people buying into all the "get rich quick" or "achieve all the worldly success in under 30 days by doing these three things" marketing. I see people on Facebook everyday asking others to tell them what they can do to make money working from home. I stand back and watch as people create copycat businesses - because logically, if it's working for them, it must work for you too.

I know it seems easier this way.... except, it's not sustainable. I promise - these things are short-term solutions only. They may work for now. They may give you quick results. They may give you a temporary boost. But.....

Following or trying to recreate someone else's path to success never works.

Why? Because if the path you are walking along is not aligned with you, your soul and your desires - it will stop working. And you'll end up back where you started.... wanting to consume another program, seeking the advice of others and building your home on a foundation that is not yours.

It literally creates patterns of addiction. Making you completely dependent on the knowledge, insights and expertise of other people.... a dependence that makes you go back to them again and again and again every time you need an answer or a step to move forward.

I don't know about you, but when I'm ready to take it to the next level - I don't want to wait for ANYONE to give me what I need. I want to be able to create it on my terms and in my timing.

The only solution to break this cycle of addiction is to do the inner work to discover + activate your own unique path. This is an invitation for you to learn the tools to do just that.

I put together a training to help you Activate the Path Within + Create Your Own Unique Path. It's 45-minutes of me teaching you the inner work because it is only by looking within that you will find the answers {and clarity} you seek and turn your fears into a deep, unshakable faith.

Join the training + register here: training.briseeley.com {I'm offering it multiple times, so find the one that works for you and mark your calendar!}

The time is now. Please don't let another day pass. Give yourself the opportunity to say yes to what lights your soul on fire. Please. The world needs you.

All my love,

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P.S. I am moving into working with both women AND men.... this training is for everyone and will benefit you! I promise. Be sure to register training.briseeley.com - and be an angel to someone today by sending them an invitation to join the training as well! You never know whose life you can change with a simple invitation!

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