A New Era is Upon Us

I watched a video of Journalist Masha Gessen this weekend. In this video, she talks about the state of our political system in the United States and, more specifically, how what's happening now mirrors so much of what happened in the 1940's Germany.

Then, following the Great Depression, and now, following the Great Recession, our world was spun into great uncertainty and massive upheaval. And, five years later we are still feeling the effects of it. The Atlantic published an article this weekend explaining how while, "the country has rebounded in many ways, [it] is also more unequal, less vibrant, less productive, poorer, and sicker than it would have been had the crisis been less severe."

Gessen explained that during these uncertain times, the burden of freedom becomes a lot to bear. During these times the majority of the population resorts to feeling helpless, thus electing someone who takes away our freedoms and lessens the burden.

Our natural propensity during times like this is to give our power away.

We are concurrently experiencing an evolution of consciousness as we transition into a new era. The previous era, lasting 2,000 years, was based on a hierarchical, pyramid system - from families to religions to governments, they were designed to have a single person on top holding all the power (hence our propensity to look to our president, boss, leader, etc. to fix the uncertainty). 

The era we are moving into flattens the pyramid and allows individuals to assume more power and more freedom. But what comes with owning our power and saying yes to the burden of freedom.... is responsibility. 

This new era is not about waiting for someone else to fix things for us.

his shift from the previous 2,000 years of structures and habits is not a seamless process (as we can all see from the news!). Transformation is not easy, but it's important. The most crucial thing you can do during this time is to take more personal responsibility, stop giving away your power and finally do something about the vision you have inside.

It is no longer up to your boss, or the government, or your parents, or anyone in authority to make the changes. It's up to you. And only you.

If you're unhappy, uncomfortable, dissatisfied, etc. take responsibility for it and use your power to make the change you desire. 

Everything around us is crumbling, dismantling and moving forward into this new era..... And there isn't anyone coming to fix it. 

No one, that is, but you. 

This is an invitation to get off the fence. Take a stand for your vision. Create your future. Do something about choosing your purpose. Turn your uncertainty into a plan. Be proactive. tart now.

I have already opened up my 2018 client opportunities. I am committed to helping a small handful of women in bringing their vision to life next year through private mentorship, group training and intimate 3-day intensives. Reach out to our team info {at} briseeley {dot} com if you want to be one of them. 



P.S. Don't let your fears get in your way. If you feel any sort of pull to respond - I encourage you to follow your intuition and reach out for a simple conversation. I understand your hesitations more than anyone and I'm here to support you. It's time to give yourself permission to leap.