An Evening of Indulgence!

Last week we hosted a Girls Night of Indulgence with The Caress Forever Collection at Baby Bea's Bakeshop - the hottest new bakery in Beverly Hills! Women were greeted with a delicious array of baked goods from mint chocolate cupcakes to cake pops to champagne - and even some gluten free selections!

The purpose of the event was for the women to truly allow themselves a night of fun, connection, and inspiration - a time to indulge for themselves! The spark for the event came during a conversation with Beatrice (founder of Baby Bea's Bakeshop) wherein we observed women holding themselves back from what they really want in life. Ranging from a simple cupcake to that dream job or making a big move - a lot of women tend to talk themselves out of their desires.

So, why not throw an event where women can just say yes to taking time for themselves without agenda? Or to that cupcake (or three!) that they would usually decline? Or getting their hands dirty to play with frosting?

What I've realized about life as I get older is this:

I much prefer collecting GREAT people and experiences to things.

This night was one of rejuvenation. And, even if just for an hour or two, allowing ourselves to let go to smile, toast, be messy, and overload with sweets. There is nothing like laughing and dreaming with a room full of amazing women. 

So..... Please share with us - What can you do CONNECT and INDULGE in your life this week?


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And a huge thanks to Jen Renee Photography for the amazing images from the night!!!