An Inspirational Halloween

This year, we'd like to give you some ideas so your Halloween costume is a bit more on the inspirational side rather than the spooky side. After all, what is Halloween if not to make a statement and what a better way to stand out than as an inspirational woman? Here are three ideas of things we would love to go as!

1. Rosie the Riveter

She may not be real but she did inspire a whole generation of working women and for that, she is definitely an inspiration to us! And also, a great Halloween costume.

2. Suffragette 

A period costume that represents women fighting for their right to vote? Count us in! Don't forget the wonderful sash with the 'votes for women' and voila! A great inspirational women costume.

3. Madame Curie

The famous scientist and twice winner of the Nobel award is one of the most inspirational women out there. Another great period costume and a way to remember the famous scientist. 

This Halloween, looking like an inspirational woman is where it's at! Which inspirational woman will you choose to honor this year?