Baroni's Inspiration Collection

How do you stay inspired?

This is a question that I have begun asking everyone. It is a common question for me to pose on my weekly podcasts and in general life. It's such a powerful question. So many of us are out doing LIFE CHANGING work in the world - so what do we do for ourselves to keep from burning out and continue to inspire the world around us?

One way that I have found is to literally imprint reminders into my life. I've done it historically through tattoos, but let's be honest.... seven is enough for this girl!

Which is why I was so excited and honored to find Baroni jewelry's Inspiration Collection. Their pieces are great reminders to keep gratitude and love in your heart, around your finger, and in your daily thoughts. 

I have worn my "Practice Gratitude" ring daily since it arrived in the mail. It regularly brings my attention and focus back to the happy, positive things and people in my life. While also keeping my style game strong!

What I've found since wearing the ring and journaling daily on gratitude is that gratitude begets gratitude. And only great things can grow from there. My life has seen more abundance, love, and success just from this simple mindset shift.

This wrap bracelet is my other favorite.

"Join me in the pure atmosphere of gratitude for life." -Hafiz

It's completely outside of my normal jewelry routine, but I think that's why I love it so much. It's an exploration into a new world of jewelry for me! And so far it's working like a charm!!! These Baroni pieces have elicited SO many positive comments....

Check out Baroni's Inspiration collection on their website to infuse your life with some inspiration and gratitude reminders. I promise their pieces work to keep your energy in a positive flow and your vibrations high!