My book, Permission to Leap, is here!

146 days ago I boarded a plane to Seattle with the intention of writing my book, Permission to Leap. I remember the visceral fear coursing through my body and all the ‘what if’s pounding in my head. All I could see was whatever was right in front of me through the entire three week writing process.

When I returned back to Los Angeles, I was thrown immediately into edits, revisions and welcoming new clients into the Permission to Leap 6-month training program. Again, my focus was very short sighted with my main concern being, “What do I need to get through my day today?”

I implemented boundaries around my time. My public relations campaign gained momentum. The time with my interns flew by as we devoted our days to our laptops and checked things off our lists. I spoke with everyone I knew (and everyone I met) about the book. Reviews started pouring in from my pre-launch team. I served my clients more than ever before as my channel to the Universe continually opened wider and wider.

The days passed one by one, until I looked up and it was today. Book launch day.


I know you’ve been hearing about this day for months…. And it’s finally here! Because you are a valued member of my community - I am writing to let you know that you can get yourself a Kindle version of Permission to Leap for just $0.99 cents!

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Here is what several readers have had to say about the book so far:

"I read Permission to Leap cover to cover in one sitting. It had me laughing out loud, choked up, and deeply moved by the wisdom nuggets that Bri Seeley drops in these pages. The world desperately needs more people willing to step through the fear and take bigger leaps. I felt reminded of who I want to be and challenged to become even bigger than I imagined. Great read!"  - Ashley C.

'Permission to Leap' is based on the universal fear we all experience to leave our comfort zones and take a chance on ourselves! In a world that is so focused on external relationships, Bri's message is light, relevant, and speaks directly to the reader. Best of all is the author's integrity in walking the talk herself and helping others to take a leap themselves through sound advice and brilliant story telling! " - Brian S.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Your Copy Here

I am so excited to hear your experience while reading Permission to Leap. It was written and designed to support you in creating your vision in real time, which means that if you decide to be a Creator and apply the knowledge and work through the resources throughout the book…. You should have a really great start towards your vision by the end of your reading!

Once you grab your copy, be sure to tell three (or more!) people about the opportunity to grab it today for just $0.99! And, don’t forget to drop a review on Amazon too - the more reviews, the more people I can help to take their leap!

Love + Leaps,

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PS. But seriously…. For $0.99 how could you NOT grab yourself a copy?

Get Your Copy Here