Take a Minute and BRAG a Little!!!

We have such a difficult time bragging. We're taught that it's selfish, and inappropriate, and egocentric, etc. Every connotation with bragging is negative, am I right?

What if I told you that it's actually incredibly healthy to brag? 

Last week on a group call with my business coach, she actually made us brag. Like - no holds barred, full-on BRAGGING about how amazing we all are. That call changed my life.

I will fully admit that there is a place for being humble, but only if we also recognize that there is a place for bragging as well. I just feel like we all spent too much time being humble, and that the actual split should be 15/85 (humble/bragging). 

Because what are our accomplishments if we can't celebrate them?

This afternoon, I hosted an online hangout where six of us spent 20 minutes gushing about how amazing we are and how amazing our lives are. From engagements, to new relationships, to graduating college, to moving across the country, to being grateful every day - we celebrated ALL OF IT! Not only is it powerful to recognize these things within ourselves..... but verbalizing it and having witnesses takes it to an entirely different level.

My intern looked at me after it ended and said, "Even though you made me be on that call.... Thank you. It feels so good to recognize and be acknowledged for my accomplishments."

Need a takeaway from this blog?


And if you don't have anyone to talk to at this exact moment, share your brag in the comments below so that I (and all the other readers) can witness and celebrate your amazing, courageous, and remarkable life!