Join Me in Declaring Your Desires

Some days, we just need a reminder to breathe. We just need a little soul connection + love. We just need a burst of inspiration + perspective to set us back on track.

All this and more is why I started ‘Bri-eathe.’

A short, 30-minute weekly check-in with your heart, your vision, your desires. A brief inspiration to remember who you are in the world. A slight shift in perspective to support you in living your inspirational life.

This week, we talked massive visions. And I challenged everyone to take a stand for their vision by boldly declaring their desires. Because if you’re not standing up for your dreams…. No one else will.

Many, many, many women joined me in deciding that their vision was worthy of owning. They bared their souls to share their massive dreams and in that instant, shifted what is possible for themselves.

So often we wait to share our dreams — I mean, since we can’t see them… since they’re not REAL yet… we can’t possibly tell anyone, right?

What if it doesn’t come true? What if we fail? What if *gasp* we change our minds?

But, in order for life and the Universe to take your vision seriously — YOU must first take your vision seriously. Which requires looking past the impossibility, the failure, and the unpredictability of life….. Which requires you standing up for your dreams….. Which requires boldly declaring what’s living inside of you.

Be sure to watch the entire Bri-eathe video {including the part where I go off about dismantling the patriarchy…. Because screw just fighting it!} here:

And then join us in sharing your vision so that you can be seen and witnessed for the possibility that is literally at your fingertips in this very instant. Be sure to tag me in the post so that I see it. I am resolute in holding space and supporting every woman who is bold enough to share her vision!

PS. Be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday mornings at 9:30am PST to join the weekly ‘Bri-eathe’ sessions. Up next Sunday…. Why implementing a Zero F*cks Policy is key.