How Does She Do It?

Last week I launched one of the most successful ventures of my entire entrepreneurial career {to date}. And I know what you're thinking..... How Does She Do It?

It's true that this year has been one up-leveling experience to another up-leveling experience in my life. What's my secret?

Space + Trust + Intuition + Action = Success

The idea for the 7-day Manifestation Challenge came to me as a small whisper.

Let me back up.... about a week beforehand I woke up from a dream where I was pregnant, on a hospital bed, in labor. For those of you that know my story - babies are a non-possibility in my life. Yet, I woke up ECSTATIC!

Because a pregnancy dream usually means that something new is trying to come to the surface to be brought out into the world. So I sat with that feeling in my deep belly for days on end. During each one of my meditations, I would feel into that space and ask it, "What do you want? What's trying to be born?"

That's when the whisper happened. I made the space. My intuition chimed in. I trusted it. And I took action.

In just a few short days, I had over 1000 women enrolled to take the challenge + go on a journey with me. Success story after success story after success story started rolling in {um, one woman even bought her DREAM CAR!}. Women were achieving remarkable results. 

Throughout the week, I made space to meditation before each training to get the information to teach. It was there that my intuition spoke again. And I trusted it. And I took action. Which has created the most successful results my business has ever seen.

Seems simple enough, right? I promise - it is truly that simple. And totally possible for YOU to achieve the same in your life and business. You can get started with these four questions:

1. How can you create more space in your life?
2. Can you allow your intuition to speak to you?
3. How can you stop doubting that voice and trust it?
4. Are you ready to take some uncomfortable action to make your desires a reality?

Be sure to chime in below to share your experience with this exercise!



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