Busy is BS.

A few weeks ago I was on a date. As the date closed he said, "Well, let me know when you're not busy and we can get together again."

I looked at him with a deadpan expression that would rival Buster Keaton, "Oh, I'm never busy."

His response was along the lines of......


It's true - I run THREE businesses including private + group clients and a quickly accelerating women's movement. I have compiled two books in two years (and now working with a book agent!). I have very active social life. Plus, loads of built in down time for meditation, yoga, and kitties. And yet..... I am NEVER busy.

What's my secret magic sauce?

I only say YES to things and people that fill me up
I prioritize things that make my heart sing.

I hear people say all the time, "Ugh! I'm just SO busy."

As if it's some badge of honor. As if being busy validates that they are being purposeful or successful or important. But I have found the exact opposite to be true. 

In my experience, being "busy" is generally not a good thing.

The conversation of "busy" isn't a conversation about how much is on your schedule - it's about WHAT is on your schedule and WHY. It ultimate boils down to priorities and boundaries. Are you able to say NO to things that are not a priority? Are you able to set boundaries around respecting yourself + your time so much that you don't commit to superfluous activities. 

What I see in the world is people filling their calendars with things that are NOT purposeful. Things that are not aligned with their success. Things that diminish their importance. AND {most importantly} things that keep exactly what they desire from reaching them.

Yes, you heard right. Being "busy" is actually creating the opposite results that you desire in your life.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your "busy" life:

  • Is "being busy" a status symbol for you?
  • What is your busy-ness distracting you from? {more on this in next week's blog!}
  • What would it look like to create space in your life and your schedule?
  • When you create this space, what would you finally have to face that you've been avoiding? 
  • How would it feel to ONLY say yes to things that you love instead of committing to things you feel obligated towards?
  • What new results would you experience by using your time more purposefully?
  • What FIVE things in your calendar this week can you say NO to right now?

I decided a long time ago that my life is about fulfilling experiences + being in joy in everything I do. It is a very, very rare occasion that I say yes to something that isn't aligned with my heart + purpose. Because I know that by doing this {and by having space in my life} I will see infinitely greater results. Life is about quality over quantity. 

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