Permission to Leap {Cherie Aimee}

Welcome to Permission to Leap - a podcast exploring the stories of people who have brought their visions to life. Each week, I will speak to an inspiring guest and navigate the process they took to take the leap in their own lives, from the day that they first committed to the day they landed on the other side. Permission to Leap is the spark that will push you to believe in your dreams again and make them your reality. Today’s guest is Cherie Aimee.

Cherie Aimée is a Near-Death Survivor, International Speaker, Forbes Featured Brand Influencer, and #1 Best-Selling Author. She's the Founder of Live Big Be Happy, an inspirational platform, and strategic social media brand advisor to several major organizations and top innovative business leaders. Cherie has been approached by the History Channel and featured by media outlets Forbes, ABC7, Dr. Oz Show, The Morning Show, Thrive Global, and Boss Babe®. After facing adversities such as cancer, cardiac arrest, and receiving the gift of life through a heart transplant, Cherie is now on a mission to inspire 1 billion lives around the world. Cherie is Member of the Board of Directors for a division of Columbia University Medical Center, Brand Influencer for New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital, and VIP Partner/Contributor to one of the fastest growing online media outlets,


Thank you again for joining me for another fantastic episode of Permission to Leap. If you’re looking to take your next big leap, be sure to check out my book that guides you through the 6-phases of the leap process at My book will support you in moving through YOUR leap with more clarity and ease. Because there needs to be more people like you living an inspired life and making a positive difference in the world.