Click Your Heels Together Three Times

Growing up I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. In fact, the amount of memorabilia that still exists at my parents house is a little silly - borderline obsessive.

I remember wanting to escape the boredom of my small-town for the vibrancy of OZ. I wanted the technicolor. I wanted the Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League. The journey down the yellow brick road - with the dancing and the scary forrest and the new friendships and even the Wicked Witch. I wanted it all.

I was speaking with a friend a few weeks ago about what movie character we would have DIED to be as children. Of course, mine was Dorothy. She was laughing as she recently got to play her character (the princess from A Neverending Story).

And it was in that moment that I realized I have been Dorothy over the past few years.

No.... it's not because I own ruby red heels.

Dorothy was on her journey of discovery. She was transported to a magical new land, had to travel an unknown path to learn who she was, how she dealt with adverse situations {like witches throwing fire balls and flying monkey's}, and came out at the end realizing that she was more powerful than she knew.

That's totally MY story {ok, maybe minus the monkey's}.

I have spent the last seven years discovering who I am, what my gifts are and what kind of impact I want to make with my life. In the process, I moved to Los Angeles. I've faced hurdle after hurdle - figuring out business strategy + logistics, dealing with unsavory people, learning how to be my own boss, and more. And in the end, I finally found access to my center that has allowed me to harness my power {yup, I even click my heels together} to create what I envision in my mind.

Magical, right?

And now, I get to be Glinda. I get to support other women in traversing THEIR path and finding THEIR power and creating THEIR story. I get to uncover with women why they are on this planet and share with them the tools they need to make their visions a reality.

I get to show women what is possible when THEY click their heels together three times.

Yup, I condense all of my expertise {including tips on how to surpass the very expensive mistakes I made} to share with YOU what is possible for YOUR life - and it won't even take you the seven years that it took me!!!

I just reopened enrollment to The Group Sessions and YOU are invited to apply to join this small handful of women in discovering YOUR Dorothy story. Let me support you in uncovering the magic that lies before you + walk by your side while you traverse YOUR yellow brick road.

For more information + to complete an application, click here:

See you on the other side! XOXO