Collaboration is the New Competition

It's no surprise that women can have a very intense air of competition between them. I'm convinced that this is a root cause of bullying. Women are taught to be divided. We're taught that if someone else has something we want, that we need to compete with them because there isn't enough for both of us. Or that if we're doing something similar things that we need to compete because there can't be nearly enough clients/customers for us both to be successful.

That's hilarious to think about, right? The world is HUGE and abundant. How could one persons success actually diminish the success of another? Want to know what's even funnier?

The world 'compete' actually comes the Latin word 'competere' which means "come together," and in later Latin meant "strive together." Which means, the word compete originally meant collaborate!!!

The good news is that change is in the air. Many women are waking up to the idea that competition is counter productive and separation is an illusion. 

During the month of August, my business coach challenged her private clients to get out and interact with new people. I absolutely took this challenge to heart. From August 3 to August 31, I went out of my way to connect with OVER FORTY new women either in person or via Skype. And that doesn't include any of the phone calls that I had!!!

Want to know how nearly every interaction ended?

With both of us asking how we could support the other woman in her life and business.

Isn't that amazing? These are mostly women that I have NEVER met before, and here we are offering to help each other grow into better versions of ourselves. Not because we have a history or have developed the know/like/trust factor. Why?

  • We know that we can't do it alone.
  • Seeing women succeed makes it more possible for other women to succeed (like a ripple effect!).
  • There is exponential growth when 2+ people are working toward a common goal.
  • We can support each other because we understand what the other woman is experiencing.

I highly encourage you to explore the idea that collaboration is the new competition.

It will seriously rock your world. I have seen more opportunities, more referrals, more laughter, and more adventure in my life already - and I plan to continue this challenge as a part of who I am in the world. Be sure to share your results in the comments below - I want to know how this shift impacts your life, your relationships, and your business!