Creating Community

This past week I did something incredibly revolutionary (to me)..... I hit the unsubscribe button. A lot.

Here's my concern with a lot of newsletters and blogs out there - the people writing them are not relatable. I feel as if they are standing on some self-made platform as an 'expert' and telling me all the things I'm doing wrong with my life and business. And that doesn't feel good to me.

There is enough separation happening in our world today without 'experts' arbitrarily putting themselves up on pedestals.

The traditional model for marketing has been all about quantity of followers over quality. But let me be clear - I don't NEED hundreds of thousands of subscribers. In fact, I don't necessarily WANT hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I would rather have 100 women receiving my newsletter with a 100% engagement rate, rather than 1000 women with a 10% engagement rate.

A few months ago, I was asked to be part of a summit where several experts gather and share their knowledge through interviews. Want to know what happened? I was rejected because I didn't have enough subscribers {mind you, I have 22,500% more people receiving my newsletter than I could ever serve each month!}. 

My intention with my blog and my newsletter is not for it to be just another email that you get every week.... but instead something that you're excited to be a part of. A community. A tribe. A place where YOUR voice and YOUR opinion are equally important as mine.

I don't do what I do for me. This isn't a popularity contest for me. I put myself out there for you {let's be honest - on any given day I'd really just prefer to just hang out with my cats!}. I write + speak + coach to connect with you. I write + speak + coach to inspire you to share YOUR voice. 

Because you're not my customer. And you're not my client. I am building a community and I'd love for YOU to be part of it. I really don't care about the quantity of women in this community. What I do care about is the impact you experience from being here alongside me.

So, my question to you is.... what can I do to make you feel as if this space is YOURS as much as it is mine?

Please share below in the comments what would inspire you to engage with the content and how you would feel most included as a member of this tribe.