Keep believing. Keep manifesting. Keep trusting.

Last week I saw one of my visions come true. It was something that I’ve been asking for and working towards for two years.

Yeah, two years.

Oftentimes when we’re manifesting something, it’s really easy to take rejections as “a sign.”


Oh…. they said no. That means it’s not meant to be. It’s a sign that the Universe doesn’t want me to have it - EVER. I’m doomed for failure. It’s over.


But, what if the ‘no’ you received was simply a ‘not right now’?

Two years ago I pitched Danielle Laporte’s team. I had just seen her speak at the Archangel Academy event in Los Angeles, and wanted to interview her for The Inspirational Woman Project.

“Sorry, Danielle isn’t doing interviews like this.”



A year goes by. So I pitch them again.

“Sorry, Danielle isn’t doing interviews like this.”



Another (almost) year goes by. This time, I use an article that we were featured in together that appeared on Inc. I congratulated her for her inclusion in the list and noted what an honor it was to be included alongside her, then indicated how much Thaís and I would love to interview her on our podcast.

“Sorry, Danielle isn’t doing interviews like this.”



Fail. Fail. Fail.

Fail. Fail.




Fast forward 6-weeks and I receive an email that goes something along the lines of…..

“I saw your recent piece on Jacqueline Du Plessis and wanted to be in touch about two clients we work with I’d love for you to consider for your column – especially as Jacqueline referenced one in her own article – Danielle LaPorte.”


Wait, what?

Hold up Universe.


You’re telling me…. That her team rejected me THREE times…. To then have THEM reach out to pitch ME!?!?!


It was such a brilliant reminder of exactly what I teach in ‘Manifest with Bri.’ Often times things will not come in the way you expected. In fact, rarely do they come in the form or timing expected.


That ‘no’ you received isn’t an indication to lose faith. That denial or rejection doesn’t translate to “you will never see your desires come to fruition.” The person who isn’t aligned with you does not mean all hope is lost.


It simply means: Not yet - there’s something better in store for you around the corner if you can be patient for a hot second.

So in closing…. I am here to remind you to keep the faith. Keep believing. Keep manifesting. Keep trusting.

Because a ‘no’ is never the end. It’s only just the beginning of something better.


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