Daymond John's Secret to Success

In January I attended a conference wherein I got to see Daymond John speak {if you're not familiar with him.... you can see him on Shark Tank every week}.

Listening to him speak was not only inspiring, it was a completely visceral experience. I could feel success permeating every inch of the room. My entire body was buzzing from the possibilities that lay before me.

Yet in the five months that have passed since, there is only ONE phrase from the entire experience that I can remember,

"The magic secret to success is being decisive."

I experience others with the inability to make a decision - a lot. Because what if it's the wrong decision? Or what if it's the right decision? What will happen once the decision is made? The responsibility.... and the unknown.... and the commitment....

Staying in the Land of Maybe is so much easier, right?

Well, it might seem easier. But it's getting you nowhere. And staying in the Land of Maybe has zero chance for success. I mean, it also has zero chance for failure.... but why would you choose to stay safe from failing if it also meant that you couldn't succeed?

If there is an area of your life in which you're on the fence (you know the fence I'm talking about), I would invite you to pick a side. Any side. Just pick one. Stop waiting for all the answers because you'll never have them. Stop waiting for someone to show you the way because you need to discover it for yourself. Stop weighing the pros and cons because decisions are not made best from logic.

It's time for you to step down from straddling that fence. Because while indecision may seem like the best route to keep us from journeying down the wrong path.... it only brings more misery, angst, and frustration in the long run. AND it keeps you from journeying down ANY path.

What can you commit to being decisive about today?

Be sure to tell me in the comments below so that I can cheer you on from Los Angeles!

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