Divine Perfection

What if everything in your life was perfect - right now? What if everything was exactly as it's supposed to be in this very moment?

Could you look at your life right now and see perfection in every aspect? Every interaction? Every situation? Every breath you take?

I have said that I believe in divine perfection for a while now. I believe that The Universe has my back and is playing out my life exactly as it needs to be, even if I can't see the bigger picture at the time.

And then last week happened. A friendship ended. My sewing machine was ruined. I thought the content for Volume 2 of The Inspirational Woman Project was gone forever. My heart was incredibly tender with my dad's suicide anniversary approaching.

All I wanted was for things to be fixed. For things to go back to how they were before. But it doesn't work that way.

I've realized that if I truly believe in divine perfection like I say I do, then I don't get to be upset about things - about ANYTHING. 

I don't get to doubt when friendships expire. I don't get to stress when my sewing machine gets dropped and becomes completely unusable. I don't get to question whether my event is coming together properly. I don't get to sit in anxiety wondering if I will have to conduct 99 interviews over again.

Because divine perfection means that everything is exactly perfect in every moment. No matter what the situation looks like at the time.... it's exactly perfect. 

And you know what? My book wasn't lost. I made new friends. My sewing machine is being fully covered by insurance. And I felt more supported than ever before.

So, next time you're stressing out over something you can't control..... I invite you to consider surrendering. Maybe, just maybe, it's exactly as it's supposed to be and you just can't see the other side yet.