Before you throw away your dreams...

Do you ever have one of those moments where a message just speaks to you? One of those moments when you hear the right words at the exact right time? Sometimes, not even knowing what they mean or why they’ll be important to you…. But they just stick with you.

About 3 years ago, I saw a message posted {a bit randomly} on the mirror of a bathroom where I was getting ready for a wedding. No, not my wedding…

Weeks later, I found myself repeating the words over and over again- thanking my lucky stars that I had seen this message.

“Whoever wrote that is totally right,” I thought, as I deleted a few people from Facebook.

Yea. Unfriending people on facebook. Sound familiar?

Well, that’s what I was doing because the message I had seen gave me a little reminder of how I could get more serious about my dreams.

Now, I’m not saying to go unfriending people on Facebook. But what I am saying is:

It’s really hard to be surrounded by people who don’t see the value in your vision.  

It’s really hard to be surrounded by only those people.

The message I had seen said…..

“Take back your dreams, dust them off, shine them up, and find the people who want to be a part of them.”

I actually went on to Facebook that day to delete a few people in particular who I wasn’t going to take with me in the pursuit of my dreams. At least, not unless I saw them along the way later.

And while I recognize that they likely weren’t meaning to - they were drawing support away from me, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t surround myself with people who refused to believe in what’s possible. Because I operate from a firm standpoint that anything is possible. In fact, everything is possible.

So there I was….. deleting people from facebook, thanking my lucky stars thinking: I refuse to throw away my dreams. The problem is not my vision. The problem is my environment.

Today I ask you…..

What if the problem isn’t your vision?

What if the problem, for you, right now is a steady stream of voices telling you “that’s impossible” or “it will never happen”?

And maybe it’s not even other people - maybe you’re the one telling yourself it’s impossible. So often, we compromise our dreams to better fit into other people’s ideals, expectations, rules, and ‘should’s….. Ending with us shaming ourselves for our dreams.

But even more - we compromise our dreams because other people can’t fathom them the way we can. We compromise our dreams to try to fit them into existing systems, when those systems simply don’t support us.

We compromise and compromise until we begin to hide our dreams away, because it’s no longer worth trying to convince people they aren’t silly trinkets. They get tarnished and we forget about them.

You understand their value best. No one will ever see your vision or know your dreams the way that you do.

Who are you to hide them away? Your dreams! Those are your treasures. You understand their worth. You have the keen eye for their value. Go find the people who want to behold them with you. Who will understand their worth.

Take up your dreams again. Don’t let anyone stop you {including yourself!}. Better yet, find the people who will help you.

Claiming your desires and taking a stand for what you believe in, what you dream of, what you know to be possible –  includes finding the people who know it too and people who want it too. It includes building meaningful support systems.

Making your dreams reality is a lot easier when you’re surrounded by people who actually believe in the possibilities.

Before you throw your dreams away or keep them hidden one moment longer don’t forget about the option of seeking new, and more meaningful, systems of support.

Take up your dreams. And surround yourself with people who will join you there. Like me. I want to be on your team of Dream Creators {or, as I call them: Manifestistas}.

In two weeks, I’ll be leading thousands of women through a free 7-day training to align with and create their dreams. Will you do me the honor of joining us?