Your Wings Already Exist. It's Time to Fly.

Sunday marks 4-years of full-time entrepreneurship {after eight years of balancing a job while running my business}.

What took me so long to make the switch? I didn't believe it was possible to make enough from my business to support it AND me. And, because I believed this impossibility.... I created that impossibility as my reality.

Year after year I would run numbers and couldn't conceptualize being the kind of woman whose business created wealth. I believed I needed someone else to pay me. I needed the "security" of a pay-day in order to survive. I needed an external foundation to create the success I desired.

And now I hear it all the time from people who say to me, "I need to have a job. Having a job is more secure.”

I’m going to tell you a closely guarded secret….. That’s a lie. It's a lie we've been fed. It's a total and complete and absolute lie.

Having a job is not necessarily more secure.

Your boss could call you today and lay you off, cut your pay, fire you, close the business, eliminate your position and more. At the drop of a dime. No explanations. No support. No care.

That’s what happened to me. The rug got pulled out from under me in a second. I had zero plan. I had put my power into the hands of someone else and they had exercised that power.

And do you know what's the worst? I allowed them to do it. I gave them permission to have power over me. I basically said, "I need you to survive.”

Employment does not automatically equal security.

Now, is this to say you need to quit your job tomorrow? No. Is this to say you can’t have a job? No. Instead, it’s an invitation to begin exploring your beliefs about your own power, what’s available to you and the limitations you’re holding on to.

Believing that your success is contingent on something outside of you is a lie. Relinquishing responsibility for your financial well-being is a choice, not a requirement.

I was brainwashed to believe I couldn't have the freedom I desired. That I needed a job to survive. That it was the only acceptable way.

I’m here to remind you - it’s not the only acceptable way.

 It is a *possible* way, but it is not the ONLY way. 

The truth is, you can create whatever you believe is possible. You can create your own security. In fact, you can create it more than anything or anyone else ever could.

Know why? Because your security is yours and yours alone. The only permanent security you will experience for the entirety of your life is what lies within you. The world around you can change in an instant.  The rug you’re standing on can be pulled out. But the impact doesn’t need to bring you to your knees.

Take ownership of your ability to create the foundation upon which you build your life. Remember - within you holds everything you need to create your future. Do you see it? Do you believe in the possibility of it? Or are you reading this thinking, “This is great for Bri, but I’m different”?

Your perceived limitations do not need to run the show. You can allow them to run the show, but they do not NEED to run the show. The doorway is open for you to walk through into a new possibility.

You are the foundation you seek.

No job, relationship, person, experience, etc. can create it for you.

Recognize it. Honor it. Tend to it. Strengthen it. Celebrate it.

You have the opportunity to remember the power and possibilities which are laying dormant within you. You already have the wings…. all you need to do is to believe and fly.

Entrepreneurial Success Coach Bri Seeley

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