Every January my Professional Life Coach Tammy Redmon chooses a word that will define her upcoming year. I don’t remember choosing a word to define my 2012 (there is a good chance I did, and I just forget). But as I am looking back on the past 365 days of my life, there is one word that has been an overarching theme in my life – Faith.

Let me back up – this time last year I was taking steps to shut down my brand. Life had gotten the better of me, and I saw quitting as my best option. Fortunately, as I lay in a heap on my living room floor, I reached out to my mom to ask for help. I had recognized that while my stubborn self-sufficiency had gotten me far in life, it no longer served to benefit me. And thus began the upswing that was my 2012 year.

Through support of my parents, a professional rolfing practitioner, and the most amazing network of supporters ever – I did not quit. I wasn’t quite sure why I had decided not to quit, but I kept going. At the time, I was unable to see the bigger picture before me but I concentrated on each individual step day after day, and month after month. I began writing a book, traveled to Brussels and Paris, brought my brand to POOL Tradeshow, designed my Spring/Summer 2013 collection and applied to show it at Phoenix Fashion Week, flew to Chicago to photograph my collection, flew to Phoenix to accept my position in Phoenix Fashion Week, visited Los Angeles, won Phoenix Fashion Week, showed at LA Style Fashion Week, got an order from, decided to move to Los Angeles, and more!

Through all of this, I failed to see the immensity of what lay ahead of me and what all of my actions were leading up to. But there was one thing that kept me moving – faith. I trusted that life would unfold in front of me exactly as it was supposed to, and in a manner that would provide me the best opportunities and outcomes available. I never asked why. I tried my best to stay away from doubt. And I blindly trusted that life would take me to my intended destination.

And did it ever! This year was unequivocally the best year of my life and the life of the brand. Bri Seeley would have been a distant memory without the support of my loved ones. I’m so grateful to everyone that helped me maintain my faith this year to keep me going. Happy New Year – and here’s to making 2013 the best year of our lives!!!


Faith Tattoo Life Coach Los Angeles

I designed this tattoo and got it placed on my ribcage in May to remind me that faith kept my passion alive.