The Fear of Transformation

There is one massive thing I hate about my job. It’s something that keeps me awake and night and brings tears to my eyes on Monday mornings {like right now as I’m writing this}.

I never again hear from 80% of the people who get on the phone with me to inquire about transformation in their life and business. And also why 55% of people never touch their New Year’s resolution after six months. And why only 20% of people ever actually see their New Year’s resolution through to the end.

It’s an interesting phenomena. Because while they may know in their hearts that they want to transform their current circumstances, and they may talk all about how ready they are for the change….. it’s easier to stay in the comfort of dissatisfaction.

Why is it that people get a glimpse of the possibility for the lives they deeply desire, but then they are unable to take the actions necessary to make that possibility a reality? Why are so few willing to do the work and take the steps that their intuition tells them to take to create their desires?

From my experience there are two things that happen:

1. Our subconscious mind still issues judgments about danger based on principles that evolved during our cave-dwelling days. What does this mean? Our subconscious brain cannot differentiate between being in danger and massive growth. Your brain processes you living your dream life the same as it would if you were being chased by a Saber Tooth Tiger.

So because our subconscious categorizes massive growth as dangerous, we talk all about the transformations we desire but most will never actually take action to make them a reality.

Think of it this way….. I mean, it’d be like trying to operate the newest version of Photoshop on one of those original Machintosh 128K machines. Do you see the problem? The original computers weren’t even designed to run a photo editing software.

So here we are, trying to take massive, quantum leaps on a system that was never designed to accommodate that. It’s wholly and completely why humans are so insanely risk averse.

2. We are taught and conditioned by society to succumb to our fears - it’s safer there and much more comfortable and it keeps the patriarchy working like a well oiled machine. We’re taught that taking a massive leap and free falling is not worth it. We are living in a culture that thrives off of instilling the deepest and most ridiculous fear into its entire population. It kills me. It breaks my heart.

Barry Glassner, Author of ‘The Culture of Fear,’ opines that it is our perception of danger that has increased, not the actual level of risk. Our understanding of danger and our capacity for fear is increasing because of cultural influence, persuasion, and manipulation. 

The reality is that fear is not going anywhere. It’s not leaving our culture anytime soon and it’s highly unlikely that our subconscious brains are going to be downloading the next iOS update. 

But here’s the cool part….. It’s not actually the fear that’s the problem. It’s the way we deal with it. While we’re accustomed to allowing it to lead us and dictate our every breath - it doesn’t have to be this way.

We have not been taught to distinguish between actual danger and perceived danger (otherwise known as expansion, growth, and happiness). And by not recognizing the difference, our safety zone quickly becomes our stagnant zone.

The world needs us. The world needs you to step into your greatness. I know how scary it is. Believe me…. I do. {uh, did you see my Facebook Live this week?}

But, if we are to make a better future for ourselves and the subsequent generations, then the time to act is most certainly now. There has never been such a great time to reject the isolation of our subconscious mind and the manipulations that our current Culture of Fear has brought us.

It’s time to learn some of the science behind fear, develop resiliency to make decisions from an empowered place, and stop taking guidance from an outdated operating system. 

Start looking at where you are being guided to places of unfounded fear. Start analyzing where forces outside of you are encouraging you to deepen your fears. Start identifying what circumstances in which you are making empowered choices, and what circumstances you are making choices based on fear.

I challenge you to find ways that you can choose to show up differently in your life. Be the kind of woman you envision in your future. And commit to making decisions from a place of possibility, instead of a place of fear.

It will change everything in your life, the lives of those around you, and will eventually ripple out to the community and the world.