Giving Tuesday

I was raised with a supreme respect for the importance of giving back. Growing up with a single mom, we were on a lot of government assisted programs (it's what I attribute my love of cheese and peanut butter to!) but no matter what financial situation we were in, I always found us volunteering, serving, and helping someone in need.

Naturally, this was something I found vital to incorporate into The Inspirational Woman Project. I met Shelly, the founder of Women Empowered, through a mutual friend with a recommendation that we somehow partner her non-profit with the Inspirational Woman Project. Shelly and I sat down over coffee last month so that I could learn more about the organization. Their multi-faceted approach to empowering women was exactly what I had hoped to find in an organization to give back to.

Shelly shared that while Women Empowered began as a small group doing light hearted activities, it quickly grew through social media to incorporate volunteerism. Today the non-profit organization incorporates professional development workshops, health awareness, volunteerism for women and girls, financial growth, business guidance, networking and mentoring. Shelly is passionate about helping women build relationships, further themselves, and inspiring them to pay it forward.

We aim to empower women by building their self-confidence and allowing their voices to be heard through various workshops, hands-on volunteer opportunities, networking events, and mentorship of at-risk teen girls – all of which are designed to make our members believe that their contribution will and does make a difference, however big or small it may be.

Shelly shared with me that while the organization is based in Los Angeles, they have plans to expand into New York in 2015. In Los Angeles they combine four aspects (volunteering, mentoring, networking, and workshops) for their members. However in New York, they will be starting with networking and workshops to build a community before introducing volunteering and mentoring. 

How can you get involved?

1. If you're in the Los Angeles area, check out their membership options

2. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook for updates about their expansion into New York.

3. Purchase The Inspirational Woman Project coffee table book - 15% of our proceeds go to Women Empowered to help further their mission of empowering women.