Good News / Bad News

With fashion season approaching, we've been getting a lot of questions about what's next for Bri Seeley. As most of you know, Bri has been focusing a lot of her energies on the Inspirational Woman Project (the kickstarter launches on Thursday - keep your eyes peeled!!!!). Which brings us to the bad news. Unfortunately we won't be releasing a Spring/Summer 2015 collection.


Or we should say, we're not releasing one as you have been accustomed to seeing from us. Which brings us to the good news. Bri will be releasing a capsule collection in April with Aletha Spectacle, an up and coming boutique that assimilates fine art with fashion. The capsule collection will consist of five designs, and only SIX garments per design. Which means, there will only be 30 pieces in existence and if you want one..... well, you'll have to be quick on the draw!


In the meantime, you can always shop our previous collections HERE. Our hope is that once things even out with the new business venture, that it will be business as usual in the Bri Seeley design studios.