Growing Pains

Why is it that when I think of reaching out to ask for support from my network my mind is filled with "what if they think I'm using/abusing our relationship?" or "what if I come off as too sales-ey and they say no?" My logical mind knows that the people in my network support me - and most of you have reached out to tell me as much! But my heart always seems to forget this when my inner naysayer jumps up with all of her "what if"s.

I'm facing some major growing pains today. Like the ugly-crying-and-blowing-my-nose-like-a-trumpet kind of growing pains while my cats circle me with thoughts of "WTF is going on with her?" and "Just make her stop." 

Because let's be honest - while I've 'committed' to my new path, I've still very much found a way to play it safe and not have to put myself out there. I mean, I've kinda told some people about it..... I've created a Facebook page (which I haven't advertised)...... I've changed my job title on all my social media...... But I haven't actually taken the bull by the horns and declared my new vision to the world. Which does two things:

1. It protects me from rejection. Yay! I can just kinda put my intentions a few places on the internet and hope that someone who needs my services see it - while also sheltering me from any negative feedback or criticism. 

This is the common reason that we don't fully embrace our dreams, right? But we also fail to recognize the second reaction to this behavior.....

2. It prohibits me from success. Because, to quote my mantra from last year, if you don't ask the answer is always no. By holding back, I'm not actually embracing my potential and achieving my definition of success.

When I launched The Inspirational Woman Project kickstarter last year, I had no hesitations. I knew it was going to be successful. Someone asked me what the plan was if it wasn't fully funded, and the thought had not even occurred to me. How can I take that fearless (and maybe naive) approach and apply it to my current actions? How can I view my new services like I viewed the project and just embody the success of it without focusing on my doubts and hesitations? How can I turn my head off and dive heart-first into this new role?

It's funny that this is what I inspire women to do all the time. And I inspire them to JUST LIVE their dreams. And to take actions. And to love on their resistance while moving through it. I guess this is what makes me an expert in what I do, because I'm not just saying it to inspire others - I'm living it everyday with them. 

I think what frustrates me about giving into my resistance more than anything is that I AM A BOLD ACTION TAKER! I don't sit around waiting for life to come to me - I do what it takes to make quantum leaps in my life despite any anticipated failures. So why am I allowing this discomfort to hold me back?

I was smart enough to reach out for help to move through this. Two very important people reminded me of my presence and my power to say to myself, "I love you, but I'm doing this anyway."

What I realized was that it really boils down to was acceptance. Because inspiring women isn't just what I choose to do, it's WHO I AM. It's interesting how this simple reframe allowed me to embrace myself and my place in the world to such an extent that my excuses no longer matter.

This is how it feels and this is what it looks like when you open your heart to follow your passion for serving the world..... Here's to boldly asking for what you want today and everyday. And embodying your passions as more than just 'what you do' but instead who you are in the world. 

I'm off to go reach out for some support and declare my vision to the world.......