Universal Purpose

Did you know that over 40% of Americans have not discovered a satisfying life purpose? Research has shown that "having purpose and meaning in life increases overall well-being and life satisfaction, improves mental and physical health, enhances resiliency, increases self-esteem, and decreases the chance of depression."

So, what is our purpose in life? There is one thing and one thing only that every living being is put upon this Earth to experience. Growth.

I would go as far as to say:
GROWTH is the purpose of life.

The purpose of life for man is growth, just as the purpose of life for trees and plants is growth. Trees and plants grow automatically and along fixed lines; man can grow as he will. Trees and plants can only develop certain possibilities and characteristics; man can develop any power which is or has been shown by any person anywhere. Nothing that is possible in spirit is impossible in flesh and blood. Nothing that man can think is impossible. Nothing that man can imagine is impossible of realization. ~ Wallace D. Wattles

Clearly growth happens on a physical level in all living organisms. But what about growth that you can't see? Growth that you can't touch? It's this kind of growth that calls us to be greater than we currently are. It calls us to our potential. Life without growth is death.

Life without progress becomes unendurable, and the person who ceases from growth must either become imbecile or insane. The greater and more harmonious and well rounded his growth, the happier man will be. ~ Wallace D. Wattles

The question becomes - are you willing to commit yourself and your life to the possibility of genius within you waiting to come forward?

You may think that you're different or incapable of achieving the same results as others. But I tell you this - we are all given the same potential for greatness in life. It's up to you to decide if you wish to embrace it? You can become whatever you want to be. The decision is yours.

"Growth is the only evidence of life." John Henry Newman

Growth begins with personal responsibility. So, if you're ready to embark on a path of growth, but don't know where to start - CLICK HERE - to schedule a call with me. I'm an expert in guiding people through periods of growth and becoming master's of their life.