International Women's Day

I love to celebrate. You probably know this about me. I celebrate everything.

Birthday? Celebrate. Anniversary? Celebrate. New client? Celebrate. Friends in town? Celebrate. Took out the trash? Celebrate. Sunset? Celebrate.

Because the more you celebrate, the more you will have to celebrate.

And with next week being International Women's Day..... well, I just couldn't help myself - we're celebrating BIG. I will be co-hosting an event with Thaís and The AMPLIFY Collective with the sole purpose of celebrating women. Our lives as women, the lives of the amazing women around us, the lives of the women who have come before us and the ones who will come after us.

This is your OFFICIAL invitation to join us next week on March 8th in Beverly Hills. There will be music, dancing, a photo booth, and 200+ amazingly heart-centered people in one room {men are welcome to join us!}.

AND be sure to check out our amazing sponsor H2rOse who will be featured in our specialty cocktails for the night!!!.