It's all a bit funny.... I would consider myself to be a highly intuitive person. I am very in touch with what works for me, what my needs are, and my inner truth. I check in with my intuition all the time. In fact, I'm leading a seminar in March about Intuition for Female Entrepreneurs (side note: it's free and you can register HERE). 

This past week while at a training, I had an epiphany. You see, I had said no to attending the training. A friend approached me in November, "You have to attend this training. It will change your life." I agreed passively to check it out. And I did. But while reading about their program online, I had no reaction.

I know what YES feels like. I can feel this vibrant pulsing in my solar plexus. Every atom in my body stands at attention and begins buzzing. I know because I've had several decisions where this has been the case - attending the Archangel Academy, applying to Phoenix Fashion Week, moving to Los Angeles, adopting my kitties, etc. 

 A few weeks later he contacted me again, "Did you check out that training? They're having one in February." I politely said I wasn't interested, to which he responded, "I'm taking care of it. I'm going to make an investment in you and enroll you." How could I say no to that?

So, back to that epiphany. I felt like I was wasting my time and was completely out of alignment with my surroundings (I literally felt like a different person!). While sitting there contemplating why I was there, I started talking to my intuition. My answer: You're not supposed to be here. The conversations with my friend began flashing in my mind - doing my research, saying no, and then caving to attend despite my intuition.

Since when did I become someone who surrendered to peer pressure? Looking back on some of my life interactions/experiences I realized that I actually do it A LOT. I think it's a combination of not wanting to hurt the person's feelings and not wanting to argue with people. I back down almost instantaneously so as not to create conflict.

The byproduct of saying yes when I really mean no is that I suppress my intuition. It's like saying to myself, "I don't trust me." or "I hear what I'm saying, but I'm choosing not to listen." And if I can't listen to myself and trust in myself.... then who will?

My commitment from this moment forward is to make my intuition my best friend. To consult it every time I have a decision to make and to LISTEN even in the face of opposition. To stand strong in my truth and live from my heart in every moment. Because I'm not able to serve anyone if I am out of alignment with my truth. And I am on this earth to be of service.