Living as an Inspirational Woman

I get asked a lot what my top tip is for women to live an inspirational life. And, while I'm sure I've given a lot of meaningful answers in the past, I just realized my REAL answer.

After staring at my computer screen for the past hour wondering what the heck I'm going to write about this week and putting together training materials.... it came to me.

Living as an Inspirational Woman in the world is a decision.

It's a decision you get to make - every. damn. day.

But let's be really clear about one thing.

Being Inspirational doesn't happen on accident.

Living a life that inspires you and those around you is a culmination of hundreds of daily choices.

Let's be clear about another thing quickly: 
Uninspired living is also a choice. And you can choose that. I would challenge you to ask yourself..... Why? What good is it doing and who is it serving?

{hint: it's not serving YOU.}

What are you choosing?

Are you living the life that you desire? Or not? 

Do you feel excited by the people, activities, and results you are experiencing in your life? If the answer is no, are you ready to do something about it?

If you know that there is something greater inside of you, and it terrifies you.... It's time to embrace it.

If you don't know how to transition into your inspirational life.... It's time to learn.

If you are sick of coasting.... It's time to be intentional

If you are done defining your life by someone else's rules.... It's time to make your own.

This is the BEST place to be. You're only one decision away from embarking on the greatest journey of all.

Next week I will be starting 'Being Inspirational: The Group Sessions' to support a small handful of women in starting this journey. It is a 10-week course designed to build a foundation for your life as an Inspirational Woman.

This course is filled with practical application and produces tangible results for every woman that has completed the course. And a whole lot of me. Daily check-in + accountability + support.

I will personally be with you every step of the way. Because if you're invested in you, I'm invested in you. End of Story.

Looking forward to chatting about your vision soon! XO,

Bri Seeley Inspirational Woman Coach