Grammys weekend

It's Grammy day! I woke with the worst stomach cramps, but knew that I had Grammy’s attire to deliver and a red carpet to attend! I put on my best game face…. until I realized that I was being plagued by food poisoning :-( I hopped in my car with all of my preparations for the day, praying that two hours would be enough for my body to get over itself and allow me to attend my first red carpet event. Unfortunately, my body didn’t get the memo. But I made it to LAX to deliver the gown and suits and helped my friend Jonesie prepare to attend the red carpet (without me!) before heading home to spend the remainder of the day in bed.


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The highlight of my Sunday was seeing Jennifer (aka @MrsBumblefoot) in my gown. I was elated to see how radiant and gorgeous she looked in the gown – it fit her perfectly and highlighted her stunning figure! A special thanks to Fashion Stylist Franzy Staedter for styling the gown! Jennifer was hands-down my BEST DRESSED pick for the red carpet…. although I am fairly biased in this opinion ;-)