Made in America

With more and more news coming up about sweatshops and poor working conditions overseas, the 'Made in America' tag has become increasingly popular. Maybe it's the letters hidden in garments and bags that detail the horrible conditions that workers are subjected to or maybe it's the poor security standards that have cause accidents killing so many, but it just seems worth it to pay the extra charge for a 'Made in America' piece.

As a designer, I strive to create pieces that reflect my values and beliefs. Made in America is something I strongly agree with and support because there is something special about products made right at home, supporting the local business, and striving for sweatshop free garments. 

Every Bri Seeley item is made in California, overseen by the designer herself to guarantee the very best quality both for the garments and every person involved in the production. Help us support this movement by being educated about the fashion you purchase and promoting fair and ethical manufacturing standards.