It's not about getting there.

Food for thought on this Monday morning....

It's not about getting there.
It's about being there.

We've all been at a place in life where we're striving for something that we want. And often times we want it so badly, that our energy of striving for it and efforting to 'get there' actually pushes it away.

So, how does one shift that energy from striving so that the thing you want is magnetized to you?

Well, it's a matter of simply being there. You don't have to push or struggle or fight. You don't have to wait or make excuses or put it off until tomorrow. It's about being.

It's a matter of relaxing into the energy of the person who is already there. It's about allowing yourself to BE the kind of woman who is where you want to be, regardless of how your situation currently looks.

The sooner you can allow yourself to radiate as that woman, the sooner the external world will align and prove you right. 

This is not to say you can bypass the journey. It's simply to say that by focusing on the end result and BEING in the energy of the end result, it gives the Universe a clearer path to unfold your days with gifts and support to reach that "destination."

So, instead of focusing on HOW you're going to get there today.... what if you could focus on WHO you'd be once you're there?

And then just be her. Right meow.

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