We are in a magical time. Between the Winter Solstice, the upcoming New Year, and the numerology happening in the coming weeks…. it is the perfect time to work with your intentions for the upcoming year. 

So, what’s happening in the Universe?

The Winter Solstice: While much is said about the traditionally recognized New Year, the power and magic of the Solstice is often overlooked.

What is the solstice? According to Wikipedia, “the word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, the seasonal movement of the Sun's path (as seen from Earth) comes to a stop before reversing direction.” 

This time is when the previous solar cycle is literally ending, and the new one is beginning. It is in this moment of pause before the next solar cycle begins where opportunity lies for reflection and creation.

The New Year: While there is no specific Universal energetic significance to this date, it is a time where billions of people are unified in celebration and the collective energy is palpable.

Numerology: Based on this system, we are Universally completing a 9 year cycle and preparing to enter 2017 which is a 1-year (the beginning of another 9 year cycle). In numerology, one is the number of creation. In addition to being in a 1-year, we are entering into January (a 1-month). And of course, New Year’s day is a 1-day.  

Here are my three tips for using this powerful time of newness and the energy of creation to your benefit:

1. Allow space.

It’s incredibly important to focus on and give priority to this practice. Block some time out in your calendar and remove your distractions. Turn your phone off. Yes, I said off. Not on silent. Your notifications will be waiting for you when you’re done.

Surround yourself by a highly inspiring location. Take yourself out for your favorite meal. Go to a coffee shop. Find a quiet retreat somewhere. But, again, remove yourself from the distractions of daily life so that your heart and your head can be completely immersed. 

2. Give gratitude.

Before being able to create something new, you must first reflect on what has already passed. My favorite way to do this is to start by asking myself several questions, such as: 

· What did I create this year?

· What worked this year?

· What didn’t work this year?

· What am I most proud of?

· What would I have done differently?

· Is there anything I need to release or let go of?

· Is there anything I need to forgive? 

Once I’ve dug into everything that has passed, I drop into a deep state of gratitude. And not just for the good, pretty, or perfect things. Not just for the things that went my way. I give gratitude for everything equally.

It’s easy to be grateful for the pleasant stuff. It’s not so easy to be grateful for the messy, painful, heartbreaking stuff. It’s much easier to pretend it didn’t happen or to look past it. 

But the reality is that everything is equal. The Universe does not differentiate one experience from another. And by denying an experience the energy of gratitude, you actually give it more power over you…. whereas, by showering the experience with a grateful heart, you transform the experience and open yourself up to receive even more. 

3. Look forward

After clearing out the energy from last year, you want to make sure to put something in its place. The Universe abhors a vacuum. It will fill the emptiness you’ve created with something….. so it might as well be something you want. 

Here are some additional questions to get you started on creating:

· What am I excited about for the upcoming year?

· What is my theme for the upcoming year?

· What do I want to create in the upcoming year?

· Knowing what didn’t work last year, am I committed to removing this from my life in the coming year?

· Who do I want to surround myself with / collaborate with in the coming year?

· What beliefs do I need to adopt to support my desires in the coming year?

If you don’t have answers to these questions immediately, it’s ok! For me, this process takes weeks. Little by little the answers begin to come to me. It just takes asking the right questions, meditating, and allowing the clarity to be revealed. Repeat these steps every day if needed. The answers will come.

Remember: mere New Year’s intentions don’t work. In order to create change in your life, it must go deeper than words on a paper. It must be accompanied with habits, beliefs, actions, and consistency in alignment with your intentions.