The Truth About Pedestals

It goes without saying that pedestals are unhealthy.

Placing anyone on a pedestal is incredibly detrimental. And not just to one or the other, but to both people - the one looking up and the one who has been elevated. It’s not healthy because not only does it increase their odds of falling off….. but it also diminishes your greatness.

If you are the person on the pedestal, the risk of falling can drive you to do things outside of yourself, to maintain a reputation, especially with how you present yourself on social media. And if you are the person looking up, it inherently means that you are not honoring your greatness! When you look up to someone thinking they are better than you, with the mindset of “I’m not worthy” you forget your own value and the uniqueness you have to offer to the world.

There is a woman I looked up to for years. Because of her social following, I became a slave to the thought that she was WAY better and WAY cooler than me. I wanted to be her friend, but I believed we could NEVER be friends. I wanted to hang out with her, but there was NO WAY she’d pay any attention to me. I definitely wasn’t cool enough.

Every time I looked at her social accounts, I would get jealous. And not in an angry way, but in a “I’ll never measure up to her” way. Here was a woman I genuinely admired for what she was doing in the world, but because I chose to elevate her status in my mind….. It felt terrible.

Until I reached out to her a few years later. And as fate would have it - she was having the exact same thoughts as me! We engaged in a "you're WAY cooler than I am" back and forth conversation, incredulous we had both done this to each other! I had placed her on a pedestal based on her social numbers, and she had placed me on a pedestal because of what I was creating with my business.

Because of our assumptions based on social media, we each ranked each other as “better” than ourselves and from the outside looking in, believed we could never be friends. We kept ourselves apart because we chose to focus on false perceptions of who the other person was in the world. We were each playing the “I’m not good enough” card which kept us from being friends for way too many years.

We lost out on years of friendship and years of being colleagues because of the silly stories we had each written in our own minds. And now, we get to enjoy life as both friends AND colleagues.

My invitation to you is to look at where you don’t feel like you’re good enough, or where you’re justifying why others are better than you. Where are you identifying others as being cooler than you? And more importantly - WHY? Why are you putting others (or yourself) on pedestals?

And if it’s YOU putting YOU on the pedestal….. What’s the purpose in elevating your status in the minds of others? What are you trying to hide or escape from?

You never know what anyone else is going through. If you have someone on a pedestal - reach out to them. Be vulnerable. Share common ground. Who knows - maybe they’re misperceiving you as well and you could end up with a new friend or colleague out of the experience!