The Inspirational Woman Project has been a labor of love since July. I have poured most of my waking moments (and even some of my sleeping ones!) into making this project a reality. So when I woke up to an email from the printer this week, I about burst seeing the first images of the finished product.

When a person has spent as much time and energy, and poured as much love into a project..... to describe the feeling of seeing it come into reality is indescribable. I truly want this book (and subsequent movement) to change the world - and each of the lives it touches. 

The book is for sale HERE - with shipping happening in mid-December. The book makes a perfect holiday gift for the women in your life (and is also good for recent grads!). The 99 women featured are nothing short of powerful, motivational, and unstoppable! As is the 100th woman in the book - YOU! The final interview in the book is blank so that your story can be included as part of The Inspirational Woman Project. We are developing a way for you to share your story directly with us as well, so stay tuned!