RIP Prince

In light of Prince's untimely death yesterday I was inspired to post this on Facebook. I was terrified to speak so boldly and so candidly, but I did it anyway and it received a warm response. So, now I'm sharing it here for any of you that need a little boost.....

Disclaimer: what I’m about to say is not to diminish the death of an icon. He was one of the greats. This post is in honor of a life well lived. (also, I swear in this post. Sorry mom.)
What makes me most ragingly upset about all the posts regarding Prince is the lament about how young he was. Yes, he was young. Yes, he deserved MANY more years on this planet. And…..
Prince f-ing LIVED. He did it. He put himself out there. He faced ridicule and failure and disappointment and scrutiny and heart break - EVERY time he took the stage or opened his mouth.
Prince was a man who put his soul purpose first - above ALL ELSE. Even when he faced his darkness, he worked his ass off to make sure that his life mattered. That he inspired as many people as possible. That he made a gigantic {insert The Artist Formerly Known as Prince symbol} shaped dent in our humanity. That in every single day of his 57 years of life - not one breath was wasted.
Instead of crying about how young he was.... What if we were to honor a life well lived and then use it as inspiration for our own lives? What would it look like to act with just ONE ounce of the courage that Prince displayed on the regular?
Stop complaining about how hard it might be. Or what if you fail. Or what if someone makes fun of you or doesn’t like you. Or what if…. what if…. what if….
NONE of that matters. What matters is that you’re LIVING. That you’re using every breath you take to fuel your heart, your soul, and your passion. To push you further INTO life, rather than shrinking away from it.
Do you think it’s easy for me to keep putting my heart on the line to meet my man? No. Most days it sucks. Do you think it was fun to go into debt for my dreams? No. But it was f-ing worth it. Do you think I don’t have days where I wish I could just stay in bed all day? Or just run away from adult-ing on the regular?
Yeah, it’s f-ing hard. Yeah, there are people don’t like me. Yeah, I have days where I wonder if I will make it through, or if my bills will be paid, or if I am making a big enough Bri Seeley shaped dent in the Universe. And days when my fears try to get the better of me. But guess what - when I die I want to say that, like Prince, I spent my days TRULY living from my heart + soul + purpose. That I left this place + the lives I touched better than I found them. That I inspired as many people as possible to live + love + hurt in the process.
So, whatever is in your heart RIGHT NOW. Go f-ing do it. It’s probably going to be difficult. You’re probably going to stumble a few times. There will probably be tears shed. But that’s what we’re ALL here for. Yup - all of us. {no, you're not exempt.}
Next time you consider shrinking from your dreams…. Maybe you could try instituting a “What Would Prince Do?” policy.
And then go f-ing do it.
Now, if you'll excuse me. I have some Raspberry Beret to dance to in my kitchen while I cook dinner with my cats.