How Visiting My Esthetician Makes Me A Better Entrepreneur

Yup, you read that correctly. Going to see my Esthetician increases my success as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have this habit of making our business the be all, end all in our lives. We are sold this idea that if we want to make money, our option is to work harder and be in our businesses more. 

And we are doing this really well. In fact, we’re doing it SO WELL that we’re currently working 63% more than our non-trepreneur counterparts.

Wait. Let me get this straight - we’re already working more…. and now we’re being told that to reach our dreams we need to work even more than the more we’re already working. And then if we want to increase our goals - are we going to have to work more than the more than the more we’re already working?

When does it stop?

Something has got to give. Because at a certain point, working more starts to create the opposite effect than we intended. It causes our health to suffer, our bodies to get out of balance, our hearts to get out of alignment, our souls to lose the passion which fueled our business to begin with, and we get burnt out.

Working more may be an easy, quick fix. But it is not the answer.

What is the answer? 


Which is why going to see my Esthetician makes me a better Entrepreneur. Because it creates space. Space to put me first. Space to take care of myself. Space to disconnect and refill. Space to be Bri, The Inspirational Woman. 

The problem is - entrepreneurs are addicted to our businesses….. and we have a really hard time with space, with putting our needs first, with leaving our laptops at home / turning our cell phones off, and with self-intimacy.

Because if we actually had a moment to breathe - we’d have to be present with our fears and the unknowns we face. We’d have to check in with our hearts. We’d have to acknowledge that we’re exhausted.

It’s uncomfortable to be without your business shielding you from all this intimacy. I get it.

But it’s necessary.

Because if you’re in this for the long haul, you can’t continue to run on empty. You can’t continue to pour everything you have and everything you are into your business. At some point there won’t be a you to operate your business. There is a reason 80-90% of startups fail within the first one to five years. This kind of output is not sustainable.

Working more and feeling like shit in the process will not build the business you envision. I promise.

I’m super committed, along with my co-boss Thaís, to supporting female entrepreneurs to do it differently. It’s time to abandon the hustle and become Whole-Life Entrepreneurs.

What does this mean? It means putting you first. It means creating space. It means an emphasis on your health and embodiment. It means learning how to co-create with the Universe to relieve some of the burden you carry. It means saying goodbye to the addiction of overwork and inviting in a sense of ease and purpose to every moment.

Sounds radical, I know.

But it is the only thing that will support longevity in your business. It’s what will allow you to lead your business, instead of being led by your business. It’s what will support you in being a more centered, grounded, and present woman. It’s what will amplify your business to the next level, and allow you to live everyday as an Amplified Woman.

Beginning in April, Thaís and I will be supporting a small handful of women in committing to this new trajectory in a 6-month incubator called The Amplified Woman. We’ll be using this time to focus on seven areas that are key to living as a Whole-Life Entrepreneur in a powerful sisterhood {because we also know how important it is to get off of Entrepreneur Island: population one}.

If you resonated in any way with this message, we’d love to invite you to join us {and the other women who have already committed to amplifying their lives} in this experience. We are currently accepting applications at through April 7th.

We are looking forward to chatting with you about the expansive possibility of what’s to come in this experience.