Finding My Voice

People are always surprised when I reveal that I am an introvert by nature. That my natural state is when I am at home, either alone or with one to two close friends. No one believes me when I tell them that I have to psych myself up to leave the house and they're always blown away when I explain the meaning of the tattoo on my hand - a constant reminder for me to SHINE and not default back to my wallflower status.

You may ask, what changed? And why do
I force myself out of my natural state?

See, it was about five years ago. I was sitting in a person transformation and growth class when my epiphany hit. In order for me to impact the world and affect change like I desire to do, I cannot hide. 

It was the moment that life as I knew it shifted. I could no longer pretend that playing small was serving me or the world.

Over the past five years, I have broken out of my cocoon and spread my wings more than I ever thought was possible. One of the biggest ways I have done this is by finding my voice.


It is something I resisted for a long time - most likely because I knew the power that it held (I tend to fear success more than I fear failure). This year is when I finally unleashed my voice. I stopped anticipating judgement from people. I stopped filtering my experiences. I took of the self-imposed shackles and realized that my words have the ability to inspire.

I fully recognize that shared experiences and standing in your
power can change the world. 

Are YOU ready to find your voice? Whether you're doing it for you, for your loved ones, or to change the world - IT IS WORTH DOING! Next week I will be hosting a workshop with the phenomenal Sonnet Simmons to support you in learning to Speak Your Dreams.

During this event, Sonnet will work with you to provide vocal tools and support to find and strengthen your true voice. And I will support you in connecting with your natural gifts and insights to clearly create your dream life. The event will be held at Paper Dolls Co-working Space in Los Angeles. Get your ticket to join us - there is limited space:

Eventbrite - Speak Your Dreams