Starting a Movement

It seems so easy, right? You come up with a great idea that has the power to literally change every life it touches. You do the work to make that idea a reality. And then you put it out to the public and pray for a positive response. I'm lucky in that The Inspirational Woman Project has been received very well across the board. But if I'm to be 100% transparent here - most of my days feel like this:

Me sitting around my apartment/office alone, giving myself high-fives. 


The beginning of a movement is so difficult. Putting all of the energy, passion, and heart from the past three months on the line - completely bare for the world to see. And critique. I watched this video a few years ago, and it completely sums up:

I see the things in the world I want to change. I see the impact that these 100 stories can have on the women who read the book. But I wonder - are there enough people who believe in the power of this movement that are willing to dance with me?


Most days, I see the world through rose colored glasses. But lately I've let some fear creep in. I do pretty good at not letting others see it. But it doesn't mean it's not there. I read something on Instagram this morning from Matt Potts that I'd like to share with you. 


"Perhaps your love or desire for something is creating a new level of fear inside of you. You don’t have to pretend that it’s not there. You simply need to shake it’s hand and ask it (politely of course) to wait in the waiting area. The waiting area of your thoughts. There it will stay. And although it will complain and insist on seeing you again. You allow it to sit there. During this time, you sit down with your dreams. Over a long cup of coffee. You chat and talk all day about where you want to go. When we have this perspective, we’ll realize that life is far more expansive than our fears tell us. That desire is actually stronger . That courage is greater. That hope is higher. All that I hope for you today is that you honestly challenge yourself. Have that conversation that you’ve always wanted, with at least one dream. Meanwhile, let those fears talk themselves out. Now I would like to officially welcome you. Welcome to your authentic life. The real you, your life! The life that you have always been called to live."


So this blog is me shaking the hand of fear. Stepping out vulnerably and admitting my weakness. I am terrified that this project won't gain enough momentum to get off the ground. And then what?  There is a lot about life that I haven't shared publicly (sorry to disappoint.... I'm not telling you here, but it is ALL in the prologue - so goorder your book NOW!), but this project has been the reason I have gotten out of bed for the past three months. And I am terrified of the possibility that it will just disappear into thin air.


The good news is that I truly believe in the power of this book. I truly believe that CAN change the world of every single woman (and man!) it touches. But the reality is - I can't do it alone. I invite you to come dance with me. It may be just what the world needs right now.


No, it's not filled with celebrities. It's not endorsed by the Kardashians. It's not seen on the pages of People or Vogue (yet!). It's not superficial. It will make you think and it will encourage you to look at your place in the world. It will question whether or not you're showing up to your full potential. It's probably not going to be as fun as the fashion police, or as glamorous as NYFW. But I will tell you - it matters significantly more than those things.


We need to raise just $440 a day in order to make this book a reality. Let's be honest - that's 60 people a day saying "I will forgo my Starbucks or pack of cigarettes today". 


How can you help? 

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