What Does Success Look Like?

I have always had this great definition of success. It has resonated with me for years. And when I had my day job, I lived that definition of success. But then I let my day job go. And all of the sudden I was living my dream and extremely happy.... but I started seeing myself as unsuccessful based on my old definition!

The past 18 months of my life have seen the most phenomenal successes - publishing my first book, transforming my life and business, my first national television interview, a successful Kickstarter, a private invitation to write for a huge international publication, numerous collaborations, and more. And through it all - I haven't considered myself successful.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because the concept of success is huge for me and has come up several times in the past month. I was asked again last week on a podcast interview:

What does success mean to you?

I have realized recently that my definition has created a huge separation in my life and disconnected from the energy of success.

A friend so kindly pointed out to me something rather revolutionary..... success is not about the amount of money you see in your bank account. Success is about the beliefs that you hold around it. If success is somehow dependent on the amount of money in ones bank account, then one will never achieve success.

*Mind Blown*

I mean, this is how I live in other areas of my life. If I want to be something on the outside, I must first embody it on the inside. I repeat this like a broken record, and I KNOW it works. So to help me with this, I have been using a new daily mantra:

I am successful. My increased success only means a greater version of who I am NOW.

The trick is to see success within ourselves, not as something that is outside of us. Becoming successful doesn't mean changing anything about who I am, it means amplifying my current reality.

Share with the community below your definition of success and HOW you plan to embody success more and more everyday!