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Turn Your New Year’s Resolution into a New Year Leap

Real, true and lasting change does not come from manipulating our physical world. You can lose the weight and still feel incomplete. You can meet the man and continue to feel lonely. You can make the money and it will never be enough. You can move into the dream house and still feel unsettled.

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How my Skincare Routine Can Change Your Life

Unfortunately, this kind of thought process is not a dominant mentality in our culture. Instead, we think things like, “the house isn’t on fire right now {otherwise known as: yet} so I don’t need to prepare for it.” or “Yeah, something is not quite right, but my life isn’t falling apart so I won’t do anything about it. I’m comfortable *enough* in my discomfort…. I’ll prepare another day.”

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Thank you for being such an integral part of my community

2017 has been a massive year of reflection and recalibration. Month after month and quarter after quarter, I have implemented a feedback loop to determine what’s working in my life, what’s not working in my life, and where to go next.

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