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Stop Asking For Advice

Simply be aware that going to someone who hasn’t experienced the results you want will not guide you in the right direction. If you choose to receive input from someone, be very discriminatory about whom you seek out. Find a mentor, coach, or advisor currently experiencing the results you desire and ask them questions about their experience.

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Ask Bri Anything: December Edition

“I recently enrolled in a training to gain new skills so that I can move on from my current job. And all the sudden, my coworkers are being mean to me. They’re being petty and defensive towards me, and are upset that I don’t want to be in my current position forever. What gives?” -Frustrated at Work

Here’s the hard reality of leaping: not everyone is going to support you.

And here’s why…. You are likely triggering within them all the ways in which they are not saying yes to their desires. They see in you a confidence towards all the things they are terrified of.

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How my Skincare Routine Can Change Your Life

Unfortunately, this kind of thought process is not a dominant mentality in our culture. Instead, we think things like, “the house isn’t on fire right now {otherwise known as: yet} so I don’t need to prepare for it.” or “Yeah, something is not quite right, but my life isn’t falling apart so I won’t do anything about it. I’m comfortable *enough* in my discomfort…. I’ll prepare another day.”

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The Underlying Pressure of Perfection

My focus has been pulled in too many directions. I haven’t been able to hold space for new clients to come in AND write a manuscript at the same time. I haven’t been able to fully pour myself into outreach, conversations and invitations AND fully turn inward to launch this book. I’ve been pulled between endings AND beginnings. I’ve been torn between future expansion AND be-here-now presence.

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I just experienced the most crippling heartbreak.

How is it for over three decades a man was allowed to abuse and assault woman after woman after woman all around the world? How is it no one felt confident enough to stand up to him? How is it so many actually enabled this behavior - including other prominent men and women in Hollywood?

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