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Your Wings Already Exist. It's Time to Fly.

I hear it all the time from people who say to me, "I need to have a job. Having a job is more secure.” I’m going to tell you a closely guarded secret….. That’s a lie. It's a lie we've been fed. It's a total and complete and absolute lie. Having a job is not necessarily more secure.

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New Year, New Perspective

Have you noticed that these same sentiments pop up…. Every year? We enter into the new year all gung-ho and excited, and by the end of the year we’re “over it.” Then, the next year there we are - falling into the same trap of entering into the next year all gung-ho and excited, only to end that year “over it.” Again and again and again.

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I just experienced the most crippling heartbreak.

How is it for over three decades a man was allowed to abuse and assault woman after woman after woman all around the world? How is it no one felt confident enough to stand up to him? How is it so many actually enabled this behavior - including other prominent men and women in Hollywood?

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