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Your Wings Already Exist. It's Time to Fly.

I hear it all the time from people who say to me, "I need to have a job. Having a job is more secure.” I’m going to tell you a closely guarded secret….. That’s a lie. It's a lie we've been fed. It's a total and complete and absolute lie. Having a job is not necessarily more secure.

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Go Where There is No Path + Leave A Trail

This weekend I welcomed eight women who are friends + colleagues into my home to mastermind about life and business. As I was listening to each of them speak, I realized the one thing we all had in common {and what drew me to connecting with each of them in the first place} is.... they have all done the inner inquisition to discover + create their path.

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White Horse

2015 was the year of the White Horse for me. No, I’m not speaking about some secret Chinese New Year kind of thing…. I’m speaking about fairy tales.

{Because no matter how independent we may have been raised to be, there’s no denying that the Disney movies didn’t leave at least a little residual expectations about life! Am I right?}

Ok. Back to 2015...

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Manifest with Bri

2016 has been the year of changes for me. Changes in my health. Changes in my home. Changes in my relationships. Changes in my finances. Really, I think change has touched every area of my life this year.

And I can say (for the most part) that all of these changes have been welcome changes that I was actively intent upon creating. They are changes I desired in order to expand my life + my beingness.

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