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Habits in the New Year

Building new habits and breaking old ones is literally the least sexy thing ever.

And it’s concurrently the most powerful thing ever.

Unfortunately, more often than not, the unsexiness of it trumps the power of it and the majority of us fail to create the habits we desire (especially in the new year). Why is that?

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You are the Leader of Your Life

I like to think of my energy container as a pipeline. When I put energy towards something, it comes out the end of the pipeline. But, when I am out of integrity with people, situations or my word…. It creates holes in the pipeline. Which means, when I go to put my energy towards something important - it leaks out the holes and diminishes its impact.

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Help me support victims of domestic violence #GivingTuesday

Since at least 2015, Peace Over Violence has sent a Domestic Abuse Response Team Advocate to provide in-person response to the survivor’s home with law enforcement, to the scene of the crime to provide support, crisis counseling, emotional support, advocacy, information about their rights and options, assistance with restraining order paperwork, shelter placement and resource information to survivors.

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This one practice will change your Thanksgiving forever

You can disagree with someone and tell them so, while still loving them fiercely and compassionately. Allow them to have their beliefs. AND stand firm in your boundaries. Loving another person and setting boundaries are not mutually exclusive experiences.

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