The Biggest Complaint I Hear From Women

Imagine it. You hear the tranquil melody of water lapping the land just past where you lay. Your eyes open to see the most majestic trees hovering over you. The sun warms your skin as it peeks through the light cloud cover. You're waking up in the most brilliant paradise.

You are simply radiant from the sand and the sun. Your heart explodes from being so deeply immersed in a place of passion - every day. Your cheeks ache from the constant smile plastered on your face.

Then one day you wake up and look past the sights and sounds of paradise. Past the sun and the sand. And you realize you're on an island. But you're living your passion, so it doesn't matter, right? 


Until it REALLY starts to matter. You crave human interaction. Your creativity bombs. You stop living in your heart, and rely only on your logic. You're in a total void. And without the compassion of others to help reignite your spark for life.

It happens to all of us. We get so entrenched in our passions that we forget about the world around us and end up in complete isolation - living on an island of our own making.

What's interesting is that this isn't a trend that is happening with just one segment of women - it's happening from Entrepreneurs to Employees, from CEO's to Creatives, from Actresses to Accountants, from Engineers to Editors, from Social Workers to Stewardesses, and everything in between.

This was a catalyst for re-launching The Group Sessions.

After hearing woman after woman after woman approach me with the same heartbreaking issue.... I knew that continuing to ONLY offer individual + private programs was not serving your needs.

It's time for community. It's time for collaboration. It's time for us to come together as a united + supportive collective while striving for our individual goals.

Being a hermit is not helping you be the inspirational woman you are. Neither is hiding behind your computer screen on the daily. Neither is listening to the inner naysayer that tells you "this is just how it is in life."

{This coming from a woman who will make excuses for five consecutive days as to why she doesn't need to leave the house}

I invite you to take off the blinders that have embedded themselves into your temples. Look around you. There are literally women everywhere who would be so excited to support you. But no one knows you need it because you haven't asked for it.

It's time to ask for it.

And just in case you're not comfortable asking for it.... this is me inviting you to join The Group Sessions. Yes, you. You're invited to embark on a 10-week journey of discovery with me + a small group of women.

What will we be discovering? Clarity. Creation. Purpose. Balance. Momentum. Inner Game. Presence. Abundance. Receiving. Plus..... a few surprises along the way!

The reality though, is that the program is already half full. And it's my goal to finish enrollment in the next 10-days before we set sail to bid adieu to our lonely islands {population one} on the 25th.

If you're on the edge, teetering between the isolation + discomfort of your island {party of one} and the supportive, warm community of inspirational women around you - I would invite you to look at the difference in possibility between the two options.

What possibilities does isolation open up for your year?
What possibilities does community open up for your year?

It could literally mean the difference between a "just getting by" year and a "super, thriving, expansive" year.

Because super, thriving expansion is what happens when you take the bold action of asking the Universe to support you.

Magic happens as miracles start to unfold all around you.

I promise.

Please, please take me up on this opportunity. Not for me. For you. Continuing to do it alone is not the answer.

Talk to you soon! XO. Bri