The Burnout Is Real.

To-Do lists. And achievements. And successes. And acknowledgements.

It's like a vicious cycle that can get very addicting. One feeding into another and another and another..... It just feels so good, right? 

As if we think we get some medal at the end of life that says "Congratulations! You officially spent an exorbitant amount of your time on Planet Earth DOING!"

{FYI - that does not happen.}

I know the cycle all too well. In fact, life handed me a little reminder this weekend to just stop. Because I'm a human, not a robot. And as much as I'd like to just keep upleveling everyday..... it's just not how it works.

My body revolted and forced me into some BEING time. I've been going at it so hard for the last three weeks that it was time to just stop. My body required time to integrate.

Our minds are remarkable. They can generate enough energy to power an iPhone 5 for 70 hours. Yet, our bodies are not made for that kind of constant output.

If this does not come naturally to you..... it can be necessary to literally schedule in integration time. And rest time. And massage time. And spa time. And all of the space you need for your body to catch up with your mind.

Otherwise you end up like me. Bedridden with a raging sunburn, that then turned into a sinus infection {I mean, is that even a thing?}, that then turned into the sweats/chills.

How are you committed to BEING this week amidst your doing? Tell me below in the comments.