The Coutourier

Last week was haute couture fashion week. And with it, we got to witness some of the greatest fashion houses debuting their hand sown collections. The haute couture collections have long been the epitome of high fashion -that being the literal translation-. When we think of haute couture we think of class, elegance, Paris, Chanel and that’s exactly what last week brought to the table. It has long been though that this branch of fashion is only for the very wealthy and with good reason, these piece go up the tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So what exactly is a couturier? It’s the person who hand stitches every piece. There’s also the element of sheer extravagance that goes into every look. Haute couture is supposed to make you dream of glamour. And think of the amount of time and effort that goes into every extravagant piece. Think of the patience that has to go into every stitch.

At Bri Seeley we strive for the quality that makes Couture fashion so special and desired. The simple lines, the use of materials worked to perfection so it fits the body to a tee. It is this work of the couturier that we always wish to honor in every garment, because it is that hard work that adds that special je ne sais quoi to the very elegant and timeless couture fashion.