The end of an era

The past year has been all about change and expansion. It's been a year of pursuing only what feels good.  It has brought me the knowledge that I do have a power flowing through me that can change the world.

But it's also brought me recognition to see what's not working for me. Which has resulted in ending business and personal relationships, leaving my day job, a new car, and two new offices. 

There is still one residual piece lingering. I have known one thing throughout the year that I have not wanted to address or acknowledge. And that's my fashion.

When I started my fashion brand it was an escape from my day job. It was just a little something on the side to keep my creative energies flowing. And then it became more. And then I wanted more. But the more wasn't flowing like I wanted it to. I dumped all of my energy into something that wasn't giving me energy in return. I would see expansion in these short bursts that would quickly fizzle out. The lack of sustainable and consistent business started to grate at me. I became more focused on what I didn't have and why everyone else was seeing success but me.

Don't get me wrong - from the outside I made it look REALLY good. But the reality was that I was drained, angry, frustrated, jealous, ornery, and borderline depressed. Then I started the Inspirational Woman Project and life began to change. I suddenly loved getting out of bed again. My life was filled with positive and uplifting energy. I returned to my usual optimistic, light-hearted self. And I'm at the point where I can no longer deny all of this.

So, it is with complete exhilaration and concurrent heartbreak that I write the next sentence. The collection that I am releasing this week will be the last one - for a long time.

I'm not completely throwing in the hat, but I'm not going to be putting out any collections until I can afford to have an entire team around me. The reality of one person doing the designing, patterning, sample making, sales, marketing, public relations, production, shipping, stylist/celebrity pulls, etc. is completely absurd. Honestly, I can't believe I did it as long as I did.

The good news is..... there is one last collection. And I think it's *really* good! So, check it out and shop the collection at (note: the collection will be live by 3/24/2015). Also, keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling of my new direction in the coming week - it fills my heart and will impact the lives of SO many women!