The Life of a Fempreneur


As much as I hate labels and boxes, this is one I wear proudly. It's an distinguished title. One that I believe resonates with the immense commitment and focus that all successful female entrepreneurs embody.

Fempreneur is a badge of honor.

It's one simple word that describes so much.....

  • insatiable exhaustion from all nighters
  • lack of makeup (because who has time for that?)
  • the complete exhilaration of being in service
  • a refrigerator full of condiments + takeout containers
  • the 5 ft. stacks of laundry
  • never knowing your schedule for more than two days into the future
  • being available 24 hours day to answer emails/calls/tweets/etc.
  • the need for a mobile office (aka. the car filled with multiple changes of clothes, notebooks, extra chargers, two yoga mats, and empty water bottles)
  • business on top, pajamas on bottom
  • the deep inner knowing when aligned with your purpose

And more than anything....

it describes this phenomenal sisterhood of women looking to make phenomenal change in the world. 

This is the aspect that makes it so much more than worthwhile. What does Fempreneur mean to you? Comment below and share why you're proud to be (or know!) a Fempreneur!

Also, This Thursday is Female Entrepreneur Day. So, to all my fellow Fempreneurs out there.... please be sure to celebrate yourself on Thursday. Like, really - truly - celebrate YOU. Because you deserve it. 

Sending a virtual CHEERS to each + every one of us! 

And if you happen to be in LA..... join me + The Amplify Collective on Thursday for Female Entrepreneur Day to click our glasses in celebration for reals.

Eventbrite - AMPLIFY Celebrates!
Eventbrite - AMPLIFY Celebrates!